Games by JR Modding Stuff


Here you can find a variety of games created by JR Modding Stuff.

Mountain Climbing Simulator 2014

Welcome to Mountain climbing simulator 2014 the sequel to the hit game Mountain climbing simulator 2013. Know lets just get 1 thing straight really this is just to show off my skills in making games its not really a full on simulator but you do climb mountains so you do get what the title says. This game is a huge improvement from the original. In news for the first one I said I would make a third person version of the 1st game but never did so for the sequel instead of playing in first person you play in third person.


JR Life

JR Life was made as a test to see what jrburger95 could do in the source engine and the end result was a simple GMOD clone. It's not as fancy as GMOD but it's free so if you don't want to buy GMOD you could try this if you want.


House Living Simulator 2013

Play the most ultra realistic house living simulator out there. Experience what it is like to live inside a house with one of the most extreme house living simulators out there.

Mountain Climbing Simulator 2013

Test your skills at one of the greatest mountain climbing simulators ever created by man. See how high you can get before you fall all the way down to the bottom of the earth.

Flight Control Simulator 2014

Flight Control Simulator 2014 is a brand new flight simulator. Unlike other flight sims we give you more freedom and give you more control of the air port. The design of the plane was kept simple this is so the player doesn't feel overwhelmed with a whole bunch of buttons and still give them the feel they are simulating a flight in action. The game has two modes Stewardess Mode and Pilot mode. We also have a option to study on the game to get a feel of what to do before getting into the action of the game. Stewardess Mode: Play as a stewardess and give food and drinks to the passengers to help them feel comfortable on the flight. You'll also have to deal with the ocasional plane crash. Pilot Mode: Play as a pilot, fly planes to there destination, repair the plane when there are troubles and drive a luggage cart to deliver the bags to passengers.


COD Fish Simulator

You are a fish swimming threw the ocean and you have to try and save the princess fish from the evil detectives that are trying to take over the sea. Collect coins along the way to get bonus points and find the bonus rooms which contain blue coins that are worth 200 coins and 1 red gem which is worth 300 points. Make sure you watch out the pits or you will have to fly back out and make sure you don't get caught by detectives or it is game over for you.

Goat Paint

Goat Paint is a simple paint program. You can only draw in black color, left click is to paint and right click is to erase and click the R button on the main menu to reset the canvas. On the main menu click the goat to start drawing.


House Living Simulator 2015

Welcome to House Living Simulator 2015 the sequel to the hit game House Living Simulator 2013. Now you are no longer limited to live in just one house but now you can choose from 3 different houses. Tired of living in a house all alone well say hello to multiplayer where you can now live in a house with all of your best friends. So what are you waiting for play House Living Simulator 2015 today.