Mods by JR Modding Stuff


Here you can find a variety of mods created by JR Modding Stuff.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart with attitude this beast gets up to 64mph (So its fast but can't go back in time). It can also hitch up to trailers and you can use it for grocery shopping. The automated SAM bot built into the shopping cart will guide you threw safety concerns before you jump straight into using the shopping cart. HAVE FUN.


Scania T164 580


This mod adds the Scania T164 580 to farming simulator 2013 it can haul the in-game tipper 5th wheel trailer and any mods that except a 5th wheel as long as the use the same concept as the ingame trailer.

Farmer Joe Mobile

Drive the farmer from farming simulator 2013.


Kenworth W900

This mod adds the Kenworth W900 to farming simulator. It can hitch up to the ingame semi-trailer.


Cat Wheel Loader

The cat wheel loader can be used to transport potatoes and beets. It has a large capacity so it can load more than your regular front loader.


Pro Farmer 2014

Pro Farmer 2014 is a add-on for Farming Simulator 2013. It adds new equipment and vehicles like the Fendt 9460 and the Fendt 209. With all this it also includes a new game play element, field creation yes Pro Farmer 2014 allows the player to create there own field from scratch to add a little extra challenge.


My first map for Day of Defeat: Source.


It is a basic orange map that you can mess around with.


Capture the point to on top of the tower to capture it and hold it until time runs out.




A simple map for practicing your sniping skills on. Each tower is a different height so you can get a feel of the different heights and now what to expect in combat.



Banana Land

A jumping map in which you must jump from 1 puke green texture to the next puke green texture. There are no bananas but you can pretend that the puke green textures are bananas.

JRUN Reborn

JRUN Reborn is a remake of the JRUN Mod for The Simpsons Hit and Run. It adds multiple new and revamped vehicles in to the game for you to drive and complete missions with. 

Chase Sedan Paradise

Welcome to Chase Sedan Paradise a mod inspired by RBD's Some Changes & More Chase Sedans, which adds chase sedans in to almost every mission in the game, and even adds some custom missions in to the mix which revolve around chase sedans.

Homer Simpsons' Car

Drive Homer's car from The Simpsons Hit & Run in Farming Simulator 15.

Demolition Racer FS15 Version

The Demolition Race car from Demolition Company ported over to Farming Simulator 15.

Swagoo Bus

Do you like MEMES? Well this bus mod is just the thing for you my child. Enjoy all the dank memes as you drive this bus.

The Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars has landed in Farming Simulator 15. You can fly this ship around your farm and drive from place to place quickly.

Coca Cola Truck and Trailer

The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars has landed in Farming Simulator 15. You can fly this ship around your farm and drive from place to place quickly.

Airfield Cart

The Airfield Cart from Demolition Company Gold made drivable in Farming Simulator 15. This vehicle is very fast and is good for quick travel from point A to point B.


The MAN TGS Semi truck is capable of hauling all semi trailers and tippers quickly from point A to point B.

MAN TGX 18.680

The MAN TGX Semi 18.680, can haul all trailers that require a 5th wheel.

Traffic Van

A van useful for getting from point A to point B quickly.